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Denis Pember on 5th July, 2015 wrote of Henry Shepherd:

Census of New South Wales; November 1828: [Ref S0673] - Shepherd, Henry 32, TL, Asia 1821, 14 years.  Servant for Mr Howe at Airds.
(Note# The Asia and Elizabeth arrived within two days of each other in December 1820 and offloaded the convicts in the first few days of 1821 - Some mix up here as to which ship Henry was assigned.) The Mr Howe would be the Emnancipist landholder William Howe, Atlas 1816, who held a huge acreage at Airds; 3500 acres, 1000 cleared, 500 cultivated. 20 horses, 650, horned cattle and 600 sheep - clearly he had need of servants.

David English on 5th July, 2015 wrote of James Short:

Any person researching James Short. 1799—1855
I have his history in Australia.Glad to help

D Wong on 4th July, 2015 wrote of Michael Coyle:

From the sick book of the Earl Grey 1836:

Michael Coyle, aged 35, Convict: disease or hurt, dysenteria scorbutica.  Put on sick list, 16/9/1836.  Died 14/10/1836.

Michael Coyle and his brother, John Coyle, had both been convicted of ‘shooting at the person’ in the last Spring assizes and had been farmers beforehand.
The conviction had affected Michael Coyle’s mind, which had become ‘wandering and continually dwelt upon an only son whom he had left behind.  He was greatly emaciated when he embarked but with no appearance of any organic affection.
His appetite fell off and before the middle of September he showed symptoms of scurvy.

D Wong on 4th July, 2015 wrote of John Coyle:

National Archives of Scotland:

Precognition against John Coyle for the crime of theft, habit and repute, and previous conviction.

John Coyle, alias Kyle, Verdict: Guilty, Sentence: Transportation - 7 years

John Coyle, alias Kyle, piecer, Address: Calton, Glasgow.

Medical journal of the Duchess of Northumberland, convict ship, for 20 September 1842 to 26 January 1843:
John Coyle, aged 20, prisoner; sick or hurt, dysentery; put on sick list, 2 November 1842, discharged 19 November 1842 cured.

John Coyle was 20 yeas old on arrival, his native place was Glasgow.

John was 5’4 ½” tall, could read, single RC., sallow complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes.

Mother: Biddy
Brothers: James, Arthur, Peter
Sisters: Mary and Ann – at native place.

28/7/1846: TOL
15/10/1846: COF

D Wong on 4th July, 2015 wrote of John Coyle:

John Coyle was 25 years old on arrival in WA.
He was 5’7” tall, brown hair, dark brown eyes, dark complexion, stout, illiterate, RC, mole on breast, scar from bite of a dog on left arm, single.

9/6/1859: TOL
30/5/1864: CO
Known Areas: Champion Bay.

No marriage, or births found on BDM.
1 death in 1876 for a John Coyle aged 45.

D Wong on 4th July, 2015 wrote of Patrick Drumgoole:

Patrick Drumgoole was 25 years old on arrival, his native place was Louth. Crime not listed.

Colonial Secretary Papers:
DRUMGOOLD, Patrick. Per “Isabella”, 1822
1822 Mar 15: On list of prisoners assigned (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.27)

25/4/1835: COF

D Wong on 4th July, 2015 wrote of Catherine Fazakerley:

Catherine was 30 years old on arrival and her native place was Down County, Ireland.

Catherine was 5’3 1/4” tall, could read, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, nearly blind in the left eye, scar on right eyebrow, married with 2 children.

No date of death for James Harris, but C 1865’s Catherine became a ‘Driscoll’. 
Many reports in the newspapers for drunk and disorderly & Idleness for Catherine:-

27/12/1876 Cornwall Chronicle, Launceston:
Idle and Disorderly. — Catherine Driscoll, aged 56 years, was charged by Constable Denis McAuliffe with being idle and disorderly, in lodging in the open air, and not giving a good account of herself on Saturday night last.

She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven days’ imprisonment.

16/12/1877: Catherine Fazackerley or Driscoll died aged 57 at the Newtown Pauper Establishment of paralysis – Born Ireland.
Catherine was buried at the Cornelian Bay Cemetery – Paupers section.

AaronRichard on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of James Porter:

After many attempts at escaping, was sent to the Sarah Island camp in Macquarie Harbour.  In 1834, around the time the Sarah Island settlement was being abandoned, Porter and a group of nine other convicts dramatically seized the ship “Frederick”, which they were building at the camp and sailed it to Chile.  There, the convicts posed as shipwrecked sailors, before eventually being arrested by the British authorities in 1836.

Porter was returned to London for retrial and sentenced to death for piracy, but this sentence was commuted to transportation (again), this time to Norfolk Island, arriving in 1837.  After four years of good behaviour he was transferred to the mainland, but in May 1847 he absconded again from Newcastle - and this time was never heard from again.

His story is partly covered in the play “The Ship That Never Was”.  He also wrote an autobiography while on Norfolk Island.

Warren Nicholls on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of James Floyd:

born. Circa 1783 @ Birmingham England Marry Ann was born in the colony and had 6 children to her first husband - Robert Right also born in the colony
departure: July 1810 on Convict ship “Indian”  Their first child William Floyd was born 7 months before Mary’s 1st husband Roberts death in January 1835.
sentence @ Stafford Assizes 28/03/1809 - 7 years children 3
crime: Housebreaking and stealing a horse
arrived: 16/12/1810 @ NSW with 199 other convicts 1. William Floyd - b. 8/06/1834 - d. 19/04/1896
died: 29/03/1861 @ Parramatta - age 78 years 2. Ann Floyd - b. 2/09/1836 - d.
buried: St Johns C of E, Parramatta 3. JOHN FLOYD - b. 12/11/1838 - d. 11/11/1907
occupation: Publican at time of marriage
married: 28/11/1836 - Mary Ann Wright (Widow - nee Holland ) @ St. Phillips Sydney
children 3
1. William Floyd Susan Kennedy
b. 8/06/1834 @ Pitt Town NSW b.
d. 19/04/1896 @ George St. Parramatta d.
parents. James Floyd and Mary Anne Wright p.
married. circa 1856 @ Parramatta, Susan Kennedy married. circa 1856 @ Parramatta, William Floyd
children. 11
1. Mary - b. 1858
2. John - b. 1865
3. Frederick William - b. 1867 - married. Emily Rose
4. Ellen - b. 1869
5. William Joseph - b. 1871
6. Walter Sylvester - b. 1873
7. Joseph Thomas - b. 1876
8. Ann
9. Susan
10. Female
11. Male
2. Ann Floyd
b. 2/09/1836 @ Parramatta
b. 12/11/1838 @ Parramatta b. 8/04/1843
d. 18/11/1907 @ Higher MacDonald d. 23/11/1919 @ Higher McDonald, NSW
parents. James Floyd and Mary Anne Wright parents. John Hawkins - b. circa 1800 @ Gloster, England and Margaret Skinner - m. 1/08/1847 @ MacDonald River
married. 12/10/1872 @ Upper MacDonald River - Frances Hawkins married. 12/10/1872-  John Floyd @ Upper McDonald, NSW
children. 9 + step daughter Margaret
1. Margaret (step daughter) - b. 
2. John Joseph - b. 4/04/1874 - m. never
3. Ann Louisa - b. 2/10/1875 - m. Frank Harris
4. Harriet - b. 3/03/1877 - m. Henry Butler
5. William Hawkins - b. 8/04/1879 - m. never
6. FRANCE - b. 17/02/1880 - d. 16/05/1926 - m. 30/10/1900 GEORGE SMITH
7. Frederick James - b. 8/08/1881 - m. Beatrice Higgens
8. Mary Ann - b. 24/09/1883 - m. never
9. Helen - b. 22/10/1886 - m. George Stone
10. Jane - b. 13/09/1889 - m. Clarence Colley
born: 17/02/1880 @ MacDonald River, NSW b. 9/11/1879 @ Tamworth
died: 16/05/1926 @ MacArthur St, Ultimo. Buried Rookwood C.E. d. 7/06/1948 @ Campbelltown
parents: John Floyd and Frances Hawkins children: 7
married: 30/10/1900 - George Smith @ Mangrove Creek
children: 7
1. Alvin - b. 11/02/1903 - d. circa 1923
2. Muriel Minnie Eileen - b. 1/03/1905   - d. 28/01/1973 - m. James Purvis Brodie 25/12/1927
3. Verlie - b. 25/03/1907 Lake Rd, Tuggerah d. 4/06/1965
4. Horace Verell - b. 8/12/1909 d. 14/11/1954
5. Johnstone Jasper - b. 00/08/1912 d. 27/03/1966
6. Thora - b. circa 1919 - d. 8/05/1965
7. Loie - b. circa 1925 Bathurst - d. 8/05/1976
b:  1/03/1905 Tuggerah Lakes b. 18/06/1907 Edinburgh Scotland
parents: George Smith and Frances Floyd d. 15/11/1979 Rosehill
d: 28/01/1973 @ Rosehill children. 2 Gloria and Marjorie June + 1 step daughter - Wilga
married. 25/12/1927 James Purvis Brodie @ St. Andrews Methodist Parramatta
children. 3
1. Wilga - b. 8/11/1926 Bathurst - d. 15/08/1967 Granville - m. Albert Payne
2. Gloria Edna Frances - b. 18/12/1928 - d. 18/04/2008 - m. James Cedric Nicholls
3. Marjorie June - b. 28/09/1930 - m. Len Murphy
b. 18/12/1928 b. 23/02/1930
d. 18/04/2008 @ McLean NSW - Buried Rookwood NSW d.
married. 9/02/1952 James Cedric Nicholls @ Methodist Church Parramatta m. Gloria Edna Frances Brodie 9/02/1952 @ Methodist Church Parramatta
children 4.
1. Warren James - b. 2/05/1954 @ Rosehill NSW Warren James Nicholls
2. Anne Louise - b. 7/01/1959 d. 25/05/1961 b. 2/05/1954 @ Rosehill NSW
3. Lynne Frances b. 24/08/1962 d.
4. Jan Louise b. 15/07/1965 m. 4/08/1979 Colleen Joy Power @ Bankstown Church of England

AaronRichard on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of Thomas Cox:

Conduct record states sentence was “Life”, whereas description lists as “7 years”.  A native of Worcestershire.

Thomas Cox was the final victim of murderer and cannibal Alexander Pearce.

After numerous further offences as a convict, including aiding and abetting other absconders and breaking out of Launceston Gaol, Cox was sent to Sarah Island, Macquarie Harbour in 1822, where he was to serve the rest of his sentence.

In late 1823, Cox attempted escape with Alexander Pearce.  Pearce had escaped once before, having had been returned to Macquarie Harbour after being the sole survivor of an earlier group of 7 escapees, who had turned to killing and eating each other to avoid starving in the Tasmanian wilderness. 

After absconding from their work gang on 13th November, Cox and Pearce made their way through the forest until reaching the King River.  At this point, allegedly upon discovering that Cox could not swim, Pearce flew into a rage and killed Cox with his axe.  He then dismembered and partially ate Cox’s body.

Pearce was picked up by a patrol on 22nd November 1823, with parts of Cox’s flesh in his pockets.  He led the authorities back to the place on the river where they found Cox’s mutilated body.  Pearce was tried and found guilty of Cox’s murder, and was hanged at the Hobart Town Gaol on 19 July 1824.

Thomas Dowling on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of Anne Delaney:

got permission to marry in January 1848 and married George Hooper on 28/02/1848 and got ticket of leave on 05/06/1849.
They had 12 children, 4 of which died in infancy.
Anne died on the 25/8/1888 aged 60. Their daughter Hannah Hooper is my great grandmother.
Anne Delaney and Mary Russell were both charged with stealing 8 pounds of potatoes and both given 7 years transportation. Fom the Colonial Tasmanian Links details data base it seems Mary Russell had a complicated life but have not researched her details . There are several requests to marry but seemed not to have happened.

Thomas Dowling on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of George Hooper:

George Hooper died at his daughters place in Ascot Vale Melbourne on 14/11/1900 aged 80.
Anne Delaney died 25/8/1888 in Hobart aged 60.
George and Anne had 12 children, 4 appear to have died in infancy.
I also have a family tree for the first 4 generations if that is helpful and can be posted on the site.

D Wong on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of John Culberson:

1838: Seaman aged 47, native place - Berwick Upon Tweed.

1846: TOL Maitland
20/8/1847: TOL Passport - Maitland Bench
3/7/1852: CP

Thomas Dowling on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of George Hooper:

George Hooper married Anne Delaney in 1848. Details of family available on Colonial Tasmanian family links page.
George got a ticket of leave on 03/04/1849.Anne delaney got a TOL on 05/06/1849.
George then ran a wood turning business and exhibited works at international exhibitions wining a numbers of awards.
Their daughter Hannah Hooper married John Henry Carroll in Melbourne in 1882 and died in 1891 . John carroll and Hanah had 5 children their daughter married my Grandfather.
Will post additional information later.

D Wong on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of Thomas Harper:

Thomas Harper was born in Burnham, Norfolk. (Founders and Survivors gives a birthdate of 1804).

Thomas was transported for breaking into a shop.
He was 5’7” tall, dark hair, grey eyes, fair complexion.

Thomas was married - wife Mary and 1 child at New Buckingham.

13/10/1843: CP

22/4/1853: Steerate passenger per ‘Waratah” Launceston to Melbourne - Free by Servitude.

D Wong on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of Thomas Harper:

Irene Kronk (0) at 7:24am, 3rd July 2015 added Thomas Harper :

Changes: convicted at, term: 10 years, voyage, source: http://www.convictrecord.com.au/ships/lord-william-bentinck/1938 (prev. ), firstname: Thomas, surname: Harper, alias1: , alias2: , alias3: , alias4: , date of birth: 1819, date of death: 0000, gender: m, occupation,

Steven Horton on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of John Culberson:

John kicked his wife to death on 2nd November 1836 after she pawned his clothes and got drunk, per the Manchester Courier of 10th November 1836.

Val on 3rd July, 2015 wrote of Moses Rowlands:

Convicted 1 April 1823. Originally sentenced to death. Discharged 16th November 1824 per “Charles Forbes” vessel . Moses Rowlands, one of 130 convicts transported on the Sir Charles Forbes, 23 November 1824 Moses married Alice Catherine Champion in 1835. Moses died in Pentridge Gaol, Victoria, Australia 1864

D Wong on 2nd July, 2015 wrote of Sarah Anderson:

Sarah Anderson was transported for stealing a goose.

Sarah was 53 years old, 5’? ½” tall, grey eyes, brown to grey hair, sallow complexion, small scar on left side of chin.

Sarah was married to Foster Anderson and had 4 daughters and 1 son.

Sarah’s son, Foster Jnr. Was transported on the ‘Royal Admiral’ 1834, and sarah lived in Botany Bay with Foster.

21/10/1839: COF

21/11/1855: Sarah Anderson died and was buried on 23 November 1855, in the Parish of Camperdown, NSW.

25/11/1855 Sydney Morning Herald:
FUNERAL. — The Friends of Mr. FOSTER ANDERSON are invited to attend the funeral of his deceased
mother, Mrs. Sarah Anderson; to move from his residence, Summer Island, opposite the Waterloo Mills, Botany-road, THIS (Friday) AFTERNOON, at a quarter to 3 o’clock. JAMES CURTIS, undertaker. Hunter-street, November 23rd, 1855.

6/4/1860: Son Foster, died in Camperdown, NSW., from chronic dysentery.

D Wong on 2nd July, 2015 wrote of Foster Anderson:

Foster Anderson was transported for stealing yarn. 

He was the son of Foster Anderson and
Elizabeth “Sarah” Anderson nee Brownlee who was transported on the ‘Caroline 1833’. 

Foster was 16 years old on arrival, he was literate, 5’5” tall, brown complexion, a little pockpitted, brown hair, grey eyes, several scars on his hands.

7/7/1838: A son Robert is born to Foster Anderson (Royal Admiral 1835) & Susan Craig (Margaret 1837) in the Female Prison Parramatta.

October 1839: Permission to marry Mary Nash was granted.

3/1/1840 The Sydney Morning Herald:
CONVICT DISCIPLINE- About two months since, an extensive system of robbery upon Mr. Hebble-white’s premises was discovered, and three persons were apprehended as being connected with it.  One of them named Foster Anderson, an assigned servant to one of Mr. Hebblewhite’s neighbours, was allowed to become approver, and upon the other prisoners being committed, Anderson was ordered to be detained in Hyde Park Barracks until the trial. The trial took place yesterday, when the Crown Prosecutor declined examining Anderson; but as his name was on the back of the information, he was called for the prisoners. When he was called, everybody thought there was some mistake, for the gentle man that got into the witness box, was dressed in a fashionably cut, olive brown coat, with buttons of a most extraordinary degree of polish-his white shirt was nicely plaited - his double-breasted waistcoat had the smallest possible number of cut buttons, in order that the Largest possible quantity of the shirt plaits might be exhibited-his white trousers were very nicely strapped over his quasi Wellingtons, and his whole air was particularly “swellish.” Some months ago, the Governor received a dispatch from the Secretary of State, ordering that all convicts should wear a distinguishing badge-how the order has been attended to, the above anecdote will explain. By the bye, as the New Year has Just commenced, perhaps the olive coat is to be the distinguishing badge.

18/10/1840: COF – trade, Tailor.

9/12/1840: Married Mary Nash, arrived free per ‘Duchess of Northumberland’ 1836.  Mary was a bounty migrant. They had 9 children.

11/6/1846 Sydney Morning Herald:
Publican’s Licenses: Foster Anderson, Red Cow, Redfern

12/4/1847 Sydney Morning Herald:
Applications for WINE AND BEER LICENSES:
Foster Anderson, Redfern.

21/12/1850: MR. FOSTER ANDERSON, of the Hand and Heart Hotel, Botany Road.

1/8/1855 Sydney Morning Herald:
FUNERAL.—The Friends of Mr. Foster Anderson are invited to attend the funeral of his deceased wife, Mary.  To move from his residence, Botany-road, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at a quarter to 3 o’clock. JAMES CURTIS,undertaker. Hunter-street, 1st August, 1855.

After Mary, died in 1855 and he married Sarah Rorke in 1856. By her he had two more children.

6/4/1860: Foster died in Waterloo Estate, Camperdown from chronic dysentry after an illness of two months, he was buried on 9 April 1860.  His Occupation was listed as Market gardener at Waterloo Estate, NSW.

Kerry Nyhuis (Wykes) on 2nd July, 2015 wrote of Benjamin Wyke:

Previously convicted and sentenced to hard labour on the Thames approximately 20-25 years before he was convicted of this crime and transported. Sent to Australia as a convict for robbing the Manchester Mail Coach of a truss.

Kerry Nyhuis (Wykes) on 2nd July, 2015 wrote of John Fisher:

John Fisher (Fither) was charged with robbing the Manchester Stage Coach of a truss. Also charged with this crime and present at the time was Benjamin Wyke who was also sent to Australia on the Ganges. For full newspaper article on this crime, see Benjamin Wyke.

D Wong on 2nd July, 2015 wrote of James Floyd:

James was transported for housebreaking and also for stealing a horse.

James was a publican at the time of his marriage to Mary Ann Wright (nee Holland) on November 28th, 1836 at St. Philips C of E, Sydney.  Mary Ann was born in the Colony and she had 6 children with Robert Wright (he was also born in the Colony).

Their 1st child, William, was born on June 6th, 1834 more than 7 months before Mary’s 1st husband, Robert’s death in January, 1835. Their 2nd child Anne, was born on September 9th, 1835 and their 3rd child John, was born November 12, 1838. 

James died at Parramatta, NSW on March 29th, 1861 and is buried at St.Johns Cof E, Parramatta.

D Wong on 2nd July, 2015 wrote of Sarah Lester:

Old Bailey:
SARAH LESTER, Theft > shoplifting, 2nd December 1801.

Reference Number: t18011202-72
Offence: Theft > shoplifting
Verdict: Guilty > lesser offence
Punishment: Transportation

SARAH LESTER was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 10th of November, twenty-eight yards of printed cotton, value 40s. the property of John Ivory, privately in his shop.
JOHN IVORY sworn. - I am a linen-draper, in the Broadway, Westminster: On the 10th of November, between one o’clock and three, I lost a piece of printed calico, containing twenty eight yards; I had seen it about one o’clock; I perfectly recollect the prisoner having been in the shop in the course of that time.
Q. Who serves in the shop besides yourself? - A. My wife; there are two counters, and she was backwards and forwards behind one, and I behind the other; she is not here.
William Bennett, a pawnbroker’s servant, produced the property, which he deposed to having received from the prisoner, and which was identified by the prosecutor.)
Prisoner’s defence. A woman gave it me to pledge for her.
Of stealing the goods, but not privately in the shop .
Transported for seven years .

C1805 Sarah married Robert Tomlinson (Canada 1802)  They had 2 daughters, Ann born in 1806 and Phoebe born on the 6th June 1809, who married the sons of the Mobbs family.
Sarah died in 1837 aged 53 and was buried at St John’s, Parramatta

Her headstone reads:

to the memory of
Departed this Life October 13
1837 Aged 57 Years

D Wong on 2nd July, 2015 wrote of Robert Tomlinson:

Old Bailey:
ROBERT TOMLINSON, Theft > theft from a specified place, 22nd June 1796.

Reference Number: t17960622-32
Offence: Theft > theft from a specified place
Verdict: Guilty > theft under 40s
Punishment: Transportation

ROBERT TOMLINSON was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 31st of May, a silver watch, value 40s. the property of William Thompson, in the dwelling-house of John Harris.
I lodge in New-court, Peter’s-lane, Cow-cross , with one John Harris, who keeps the house: On Tuesday the 31st of May, my comrade being a soldier, was going upon duty to the Tower, and he told me my watch was gone; I was in bed at the time; I missed my watch from the nail, at 20 minutes past four; I saw the watch hanging there; my comrade got up about five, and it was then missing; the prisoner said he was without a lodging, and I took him in to sleep in the same room that night; I went to his master, he is a file maker, and enquired for his lodgings; I went to his lodgings in Noble-street, the back of St. Giles’s, and his wife and child were frightened because he had been out all night; I met the prisoner by St. Giles’s church, at twelve o’clock; I asked him for my watch, and he told me he had pawned it for 25s. I told him if he would return me the watch I would not hurt him; he said, he had not a farthing in his pocket, he had paid it all away to where he owed it; I found it at a pawnbroker’s in Holborn; I sent for a constable to Bow-street, and when he got to the Brown Bear, the constable asked him if he had got any money, and he said, yes; and he told out 25s. and a knife with two blades out of his pocket, and he gave me the duplicate.
I am servant to Mr. Dobree, in Holborn, a pawnbroker, (producing the watch); the prisoner at the bar pawned it; I never saw him before, but I am sure that is the person.
I was sent for to take the prisoner into custody, for stealing Thompson’s watch; the prosecutor gave me this duplicate, (producing it).
Thompson. This is my watch, I know it by the seal; and the number of the watch 9127.
Q. What is the value of it? - A. Forty shillings; I gave that for it.
Q. How long ago? - A. Five years.
Prisoner’s defence. This man, being a soldier in the guards, asked me to inlist with him, and I was agreeable to it; and he gave me six shillings in part of ten guineas bounty, and he told me I might pawn the watch the night before, but it was too late; and the next morning I got up and took the watch, and pawned it.
Q. (To Thompson.) Did you talk at all about his pawning the watch? - A. No, nothing like it; I did give him six shillings on account of inlisting in the guards.
GUILTY, (Aged 27.)
Of stealing to the value of 25s.
Transported for seven years .
Robert was actually 35 years old when he was tried, born 1761. He was married with 1 child.

C1805 Robert married Sarah Lester (Glatton 1802).  They had 2 daughters, Ann born in 1806 and Phoebe born on the 6th June 1809, who married the sons of the Mobbs family.

Colonial Secretary Papers:
TOMLINSON, Robert. Per “Canada”, 1801
1808 c.Apr: Files received from by the Lumberyard, Parramatta, between 26 Jan and 20 Apr 1808 (Reel 6040; ML Safe 1/51 p.129)

1808 Apr-1809 Nov 28: Supplier of saw files. On list of persons from whom stores received at Lumber Yard, Parramatta (Reel 6020; 2/8131 pp.2-5)
1808 Nov 12-1809 Jun 10: File cutter. On list of persons receiving iron etc from Lumber Yard, Parramatta (Reel 6020; 2/8131 pp.23, 24, 27, 33, 34)

1809 Nov 24: On list of all grants and leases of town allotments registered in the Colonial Secretary’s Office (Fiche 3268; 9/2731 p.232)

1810 Jun 5:Member of Parramatta Loyal Association; listed as Tomilson (Reel 6042; 4/1725 p.15)

1814 Apr 30; 1815 Apr 22: Government file cutter. Salary paid from the Police Fund (Reel 6038; SZ758 pp.491, 517 & SZ759 p.95)

1816 Jan 1: Juror at inquest on John Cunningham held at Parramatta (Reel 6021; 4/1819 p.141)

1818 Sep 10: Of Parramatta. On list of persons to receive grants of land in 1818 (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.50)

1822 Sep 30-1823 Sep 30: Of Parramatta. On lists of persons to whom convict mechanics have been assigned (Fiche 3296; X53 pp.35, 51, 66, 81)

1823 Apr 5: On return of allotments in the town of Parramatta (Fiche 3265; 4/7576 p.6)

1824 c.Apr, Oct 8: Of Parramatta. On lists of defaulters in payment for assigned convict mechanics (Reel 6061, 4/1778 p.265i; Fiche 3293, 5/3821.1 p.6)

19/1/1845: Robert died aged 84 at Parramatta.
Sarah died in 1837 aged 53 and was buried at St John’s, Parramatta.

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