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Recent Submissions

D Wong on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Isaac Williams:

Isaac Williams was 25 years old when transported for ‘Cutting the tails and manes off 9 horses’.  Isaac was born in Meath County, Ireland.

Isaac was 5’ 9 1/2” tall, brown hair, hazel eyes.

12/9/1823: Assigned to Catherine Dowdall (widow of Michael Dowdall, Atlas 1802).
15/9/1823: Requested Permission to marry Mary Dowdall (Catherine & Michael’s daughter).
15/11/1823: They married at St. Marys Cathedral, Parramatta - they had 4 sons.

1828 Census: Isaac and Mary were both living at Kissing point.

10/4/1834: Isaac drowned in Sydney Harbour, no body was found so no record of death is recorded, at the time of death he is listed as a timber merchant & builder with an address in Cambridge St.

D Wong on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Michael Dowdall:

Michael Dowdall was involved in the Irish Rebellion in County Wicklow 1798-1804.

1804: Michael Dowdal, a labouring servant on a farm.
Became Overseer on Captain Kent’s farm.

Colonial Secretary Papers:
DOWDALL, Michael

1811 Jul 30:  Of Sydney. On list of persons to receive lands in the new Districts of Airds or Appin, and in other parts of the Colony; at Airds or Appin (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.10)

1812 Apr 9:  Foreman of jury at inquest on Mary Jeffries held at Kissing Point (Reel 6021; 4/1819 p.329)

1820 Aug 10:  Countersigned printed copy of Proclamation on the accession of King George IV; at Parramatta (Reel 6049; 4/1745 p.129)

DOWDLE, Michael. Of Sydney
1816 Jun 22 :On lists of persons to be issued with horned cattle from the Government Herds (Reel 6038, SZ759 p.213; Reel 6031, 4/7028A p.33)

Michael married or lived with Catherine Hickey (3 Catherine Hickey’s on the convict lists, not sure which one) - they had 3 children, Mary, Roseanna, Michael Jnr.

1822: Michael reportedly drowned in 1822 - found no record on the BDM or in ‘Trove’.

1823: Isaac Williams of the ‘Recovery 1819’ was assigned to Catherine Dowdall on Sept 12, 1823.
15/9/1823: Requested Permission to marry Mary Dowdall (Catherine & Michael’s daughter).
15/11/1823: They married at St. Marys Cathedral, Parramatta - they had 4 sons.

10/2/1827 The Monitor, Sydney:
FRIDAY, 9.-JOSEPH CLINES, alias MULKLY, alias M’LEAN, of Kissing Point, free labourer, was indicted for the wilful murder of Catherine Dowdall, at the Field of Mars, on the 13th of Dec last.
The prisoner resided on an adjoining farm to one Bennett, with whom the deceased lived. His visits had obnoxious to the latter, and he had at various times been desired to discontinue them; this was attended with some degree of acrimony on the part of the unfortunate woman, and produced irritation on the mind of the prisoner, who indicated a degree of malice profane in an ejaculatory expression, that he would “Soon put his foot in her guts”. A day only elapsed after this, before the cabal was~ renewed, occasioned by the prisoner following Bennett and the deceased to the house of Isaac Williams, the son-in-law of the latter.
The dispute took place outside the building, he was seen with his arm raised in an attitude indicating violence, and an alarm of danger instantly succeeded. The helpless object was found extended on the ground, bleeding and insensible - a piece of iron stone weighing about 8lb. was lying near the spot, having attached to it a small portion of the woman’s cotton cap, produced in Court.
THE Chief-Justice summed up with much perspicuity, leaving ~ the Jury to determine on the facts.- Ordered for execution on Monday the 12th instant.

1828 Census: Isaac and Mary were both living at Kissing point.
Michael Jnr. was also working with Isaac Williams at Kissing Point in 1828 as a labourer and Roseanna living with her husband Michael McKeever (McEver/McKiver) in Sydney.

D Wong on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Henry Sutton:

He became the Shoemaker for John McArthur at Elizabeth Farm Parramatta NSW. (Ann Liddy was a servant there).

Married at St Johns, Parramatta they had 11 children.

14/8/1838: TOL Parramatta
1/5/1851: CP

23/12/1886: Henry died aged 85 at Camperdown, Sydney.

His address was ‘Redfernville’ 116 Missenden Road, Camperdown.

1828 Census: Ann Liddy 12, born in the colony, or perhaps County Clare,  Protestant, Ann was admitted to the NSW orpanage in 1820 and was requested as a servant by Hannibal Macarthur in 1828.
Ann died 11/3/1891 aged 76 in the home of her daughter Matilda, 54 Fitzroy St, Surry Hills, Sydney, of chronic bronchitis.
Father’s name: Lydiard
Burial: 2 Mar 1891 Grave No. 437, EE Section, Old Anglican section at the Necropolis, Rookwood Cemetery, New South Wales.

D Wong on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Charles Slaughter:

Slaughter, Charles

Convict No:  64595
Voyage Ship:  Mayda
Voyage No:  369
Arrival Date:  08 Jan 1846
Departure Date:  29 Aug 1845
Departure Port:  Woolwich
Conduct Record:  CON33/1/79
Indent:  CON17/1/2 p182
Remarks:  Off Norfolk Island per Pestongee Bomangee May 1847
Charles Slaughter, one of 199 convicts transported on the Mayda, 27 August 1845
Convicted at Sussex, Lewes Quarter Sessions for a term of 15 years.
Sentence term: 15 years
Ship name: Mayda
Departure date: 27th August, 1845
Place of arrival: Van Diemen’s Land

Charles Slaughter was 36 years old on arrival in VDL - He arrived on the ‘Mayda 1846’.  The Mayda arrived at Norfolk Island on 8/1/1846 and disembarked 195 convicts - after his probation period of 2 years he was then taken to VDL per Pestongee Bomangee in 1847.

Charles was transported for ‘robbing a wagon of bacon and pork, the property of Mr. Bass of Brighton.  He had been transported before for 7 years for stealing potatoes but got off with 2 years imprisonment.

Charles was single, protestant, a labourer, 5’8” tall, light brown and grey hair, blues eyes, C inside rt arm below elbow, bald on crown, very little hair on head, can read.

27/12/1861: Charles died at Barrick Street, aged 53, his wife Ellen was the informant.  On the marriage record he was listed as 31 years old, making his birth date 1822???

Ellen Slaughter married Daniel Davis 19/10/1862 at Hobart.

Glenys Gray on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Henry Sutton:

His father & mother also sent to Sydney cove as convicts,I found Ann Liddy whom he married at 1833..and servant of Hannabal Macarthur ..how can I find out more?

Evelyn Chrystal on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Charles Slaughter:

It is my belief that Charles Slaughter was first sent to Norfolk Island on the Pestonjee Bomanjee and then taken to Tasmania on board the Mayda.

John Withers on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Susannah Lloyd:

Married George Withers on 4th. August 1830 at St Peter’s Church of England in Campbelltown.
Buried in disused churchyard of St Brigids
‘s Catholic Church at Mutmutbilly near Breadalbane. N.S.W.

Mark Bretherton on 23rd October, 2016 wrote of Isabella Watkins:

Marriage Nov 14 1842

Robin Sharkey on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Ann Bailey:


Recorded on ship as aged 27 Years. [so birth year 1787]

Was married.  The solicitors for the Bank of England wrote in their letter dated 24 November 1814 to Mr Capper of the Home Office that her husband was now in custody for uttering forged bank notes. [ not yet found what was the outcome of this trial - he was not hanged however have not found anyone likely to be him yet in NSW].

* Daughter died in Newgate jail, according to Anne’s petition of December 1814
* Northampton conivct List - With TWO children on board.
* Son: John Bailey Bcirca 1810, aged 5 yrs on arrival with his mother in NSW. John employed at Wilberforce in 1825 with Robert Smith, then aged 15 yrs.

1815, June - disembarked from the “Northampton” to be employed at the Factory at Parramatta;

1823, July - on list of prisoners assigned
1825 - Governmetn Servant to Mary Irwine
Sentence expiry: July 1828.

1823 - permission to marry at Sydney

1828 - Free by Servitude.  Housekeeper; Householder: John Smith; Residence: Kent St

1843 - DEATH
Died 20 Oct 1843 .  Aged: 53 9so means born 1790) ; Buried 22 Oct 1843 at Windsor.  Registered at St Matthews Church of England Windsor

Robin Sharkey on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Ann Bailey:

Ann Bailey’s guilty pleas and 14 year sentence indicates she did a plea bargain with the prosecuting representatives of the Bank of England, agreeing to take 14 years for possessing forged notes instead of potential death sentence (usually commuted to life) for uttering forged notes.

Ann Bailey’s letters to the Bank of England were written for her by Martha Bramwell, who wrote these letters for other “bank forger” petitioners in Newgate - hence the same handwriting appears for a number of women’s letters.

The Bank paid her 7s. 6d. a week from July 1814 – Dec. 1814 in response to her petition. She was given a further £5 lump sum on departure on “Northampton” Jan 1815.

This letter was written by the bank’s solicitors, Messrs Kaye, Freshfields, & Kaye, to Mr Capper of the Home Office, warning that Ann Bailey really should be removed from Newgate Gail and sent on board the Northampton to NSW per her sentence. It was written before Ann Bailey’s own letter of 3 December seeking a further payment.

Attached to her 3/12/1814 letter: earlier copy note, 24 Nov. 1814, from Bank solicitors to J. H. Capper, home office: “Messrs KF & K ]Kaye, Freshfields & Kaye, solicitors]  present their Complts to Mr Capper and take the liberty of reminding him that Amelia Hatfield & Ann Bailey may be sent in the Ship now about to sail to Botany Bay, the Husbands of these two Convicts are now in Custody for uttering forged Bank Notes & the Husband of Hatfield has been committed to Newgate for Trial & if these Convicts are suffered to remain in Newgate it will be impracticable to prevent their Selling forged Bank Notes there”

Nell Murphy on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Thomas Harberd:

Thomas HARBERD (later change to HERBERT) was convicted Bucks 19 July 1830 for burglary - housebreaking and stealing a coat. Previous offences. Life sentence. Transported to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) per the ‘Argyle’ arriving 5 Aug 1831.

Aged 20yrs; single; carpenter & joiner; 5’8 1/2”; Protestant.
Native place - Windsor, Berks.
Mother - Ann Harbord, a laundress.
3 brothers - Edward, Charles & George

Assignments in the Colony and numerous accounts of misconduct. At one time, sent to Port Arthur Penal settlement.
1832: further charge and 7yrs extension to sentence.
1834: further charge and 7yrs extension to sentence.

Marriage to Elizabeth BORRETT/BARRETT (http://www.convictrecords.com.au/convicts/borrett/elizabeth/49682), includes details of children.

Robin Sharkey on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Eleanor Berridge:

Eleanor Berridge was aged 23, born Northampton, when tried at the 1814 Michaelmas Quarter Sessions in Northampton. These commenced in October 1814.

She therefore did not have very long to wait after her sentence until she was transported, leaving England in
January 1815.

1822 Muster -reorded as Wife of Edward Taylor.

1823, 29th June MARRIAGE - Recorded as “Barridge” to Edward Taylor. Catholic registration of marriage. Witnesses, John & Ann Good and Michael O’Brien.

1825 - residence Parramatta, wife of Edward Taylor

1828 Census - Eleanor Taylor, Age: 36, Protestant, Arrived per Northampton 1814, 7 years, Free by Servitude; wife Edward Taylor; Residence: Castle Hill

Sydney Herald, 20 Dec 1832 p 1:
THE undermentioned persons have ob-
tained Certificates ol Freedom during the last
Fix this textweek, viz. :- ... per “Northampton”, ELLEN BERRIDGE

Ellen and Edward Taylor recorded in NSWBDM index with following children:
1823 - Edward
1823 - George
1827 - Elizabeth
1830 - Edward
1831 - William
1834 - Amelia Died 1835
1835 - John (an infant John died in 1836, per BDM index)

Certificate of Freedom number 32/1064

Nell Murphy on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Elizabeth Borrett:

Elizabeth BORRETT (or BARRETT) was convicted at Ipswich, Suffolk on 2 July 1841 for stealing a shawl from a dwelling house. Previous convictions and had been in prison before. 7yr transportation sentence. Sent to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) per the ‘Emma Eugenia’ arriving 9 April 1842.

Aged 24yrs; housemaid; single
Native Place - Ipswich
Father & Mother James - at the Assylum
Brothers: James, William, Joseph, Thomas & ...
Sister: Sophia - in Sydney, Australia
Sister: Charlotte - at native place

Assignments of work service in the Colony.
1842: at Brickfields - misconduct in caught smoking in the w.c. - 6mths hard labour at the Female House of Correction, Launceston.
11 Nov 1845: Ticket of Leave granted.

31 Aug 1844: Application for permission to Marry - to Thomas HERBERT (transported per ‘Argyle’).

11 Oct 1844: Marriage to Thomas HERBERT, aged 25yrs, trade - sawyer/butcher. (Registered as ‘Barrett’). Parish Church of England, Hobart.

Charlotte HERBERT b. 12 Nov 1846 Spring Bay district.
female child HERBERT b. 1 Dec 1847 Hobart.
Thomas HERBERT b. 26 March 1853, Launceston

James HERBERT admitted to Queens Orphanage, Hobart on 28 Oct 1862 (aged 4yrs 2mths). Discharged 4 Nov 1871 to James Marshall of Great Swanport.
Stated that father was in prison.
Amelia HERBERT admitted to orphanage in 1862 (aged 7yrs 5mths). Remarks “father in prison’. No date of discharge recorded.

Denis Pember on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of William Alsop:

Sainty & Johnson; 1828 Census of New South Wales:
Page 32….
[Ref A0332] Alsop, William, 62, free by servitude, Surprize, 1790, Protestant, labourer, North Richmond.
[Ref A0333] Alsop, Mary, 68, free by servitude, Aeolus, 1809, 7 years, Protestant.
[Ref A0334] Alsop, Frederick, 20 born in the colony.
[Ref A0335] Alsop, William 18, born in the colony.
[Ref A0336] Alsop, Elizabeth, 12, born in the colony.

Denis Pember on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of William Alsop:

In the colony, William married Mary Harterleigh [aka Atherley] (Convict, 1809, “Aeolus”).
The couple married around 1809 and had three children; Frederick 1810, William 1812 and Elizabeth 1815.

Denis Pember on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of William Alsop:

http://www.oldbaileyonline.org t17871212-29:
SAMUEL JONES and WILLIAM ALSOP were indicted for stealing, on the 28th of November last, eighty pounds weight of metal types for printing, value 4 l. the property of Thomas Harrison and Samuel Brooke .
The prisoners were taken with the property on their shoulders. Alsop said he found them, and the other helped him to carry them. Alsop had a coat on, which belonged to one of the prosecutor’s men, and was left in the printing-office that night.
Each transported for seven years .
Tried by the London Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

Nell Murphy on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Margaret Abbott:

Margaret ABBOTT was convicted at Bristol City on 1 Jan 1852 for obtaining goods under false pretence. Convicted before. 7yr transportation sentence. Sent to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) per the ‘Duchess of Northumberland’ arriving 21 April 1853.

Aged 24yrs; married, 1 child (on board with her); housemaid/laundress; can read & write; Protestant; 5’1 1/2”; black hair; fresh complexion; dark eyes.
Native place - Pembroke.
Father: Thomas
Mother: Phoebe
Sisters: Mary, Eliza & Elizabeth - in Wales
Brother: William - in Wales
Husband: John - emigrated to Port Phillip (? Victoria, Australia)
n.b. Record does not state if Abbott is her maiden name or married name. Daughter’s record at Orphanage does not state either way, just that Selina’s surname is ABBOTT.
Daughter Selina buried at St. John’s, New Town (nr Hobart).

31 Oct 1854: Ticket of Leave
18 Dec 1855: Conditional Pardon approved.

Denis Pember on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Sarah Dorset:

Only 8 weeks after landing, Sarah was transferred (with the baby) to Norfolk Island among 194 (mostly women) sent there. When she returned to Sydney in February 1794, she had another baby with her, Rebecca, born on the island. The father is unknown.
In the 1806 Muster Sarah is described as the ‘housekeeper’ to John Woodward (Convict, 1798, “Barwell”).
Sarah and John had three children: James 1803, Jane 1805 and George 1807.

Denis Pember on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Sarah Dorset:

On the voyage to the colony, Sarah became pregnant and had a son, fathered by the seaman Edward Powell. The child was also named Edward Powell and was baptized 30th June 1790.
In an 1822 memoir of the voyage, John Nicol, steward of the ‘Lady Juliana’ mentioned Sarah in his account of the voyage, which was published more than 30 years later.
He said that she had been deserted by her lover and forced by want upon the streets. Her parents ‘decent looking people’ visited her before she sailed. He wrote of an emotional reunion with her parents who came on board ship to see her. ‘My lost child!’ said her father, hardly able to speak, as his sobbing wife embraced Sarah, who fainted. ‘The mother with streaming eyes, blessed God that they had found their poor lost child, undone as she was’, wrote Nicol, ‘She was young and pretty, and had not been two years from her father’s house; so short had been the course of her folly and sin. She had not been protected by the villain who ruined her above six weeks; then she was forced by want upon the streets, and taken up as a disorderly girl’.
He said that on the voyage, one of the crew, William Power [sic], fell in love with her. He returned to NSW when she had served her sentence, married her, and took her back to England.
This is not true! His statements were not always accurate and this was one of those instances. Powell did return to the colony aboard the ship ‘Bellona’ as a free settler in 1793, but he married Elizabeth Fish, a free woman who also sailed on that ship.

Nell Murphy on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Marmaduke Abbey:

Other assignments within the Colony. Some notes of misconduct and punishments.
5 Aug 1847: Ticket of Leave granted.
17 Aug 1847: Ticket of Leave revoked.
5 Feb 1848: Insubordination. Sentence extended 12 mths.
28 Nov 1848: Ticket of Leave restored.
20 Oct 1849: Certificate of Freedom.
12 April 1859: Died, at Liverpool St. Hobart. Aged 37yrs. Born Yorkshire. Trade - general dealer. Cause - disease of the heart. (Ref. 35/1/5 no. 1477)

Father: Marmaduke
Mother: Maria
Sisters: Maria, Tabitha & Sarah
(ref. Convict Indent record)

Robin Sharkey on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Ann Berridge:

ANN Berridge (not to be confused with her fellow convict ship-mate, Eleanor Berridge) was tried in London at the Old Bailey on 12th January 1814 for stealing a watch owned by a fellow servant.

Ann lived at Kensington, as a servant lodging in the house of William Kirby and his wife. On the 11th December 1813 Ann’s fellow servant, William Hill, missed his watch and charged Ann with stealing it. She had pawned his watch the same day and evidence of this was given.  Ann said to be aged 18 at trial
GUILTY: 7 years’ transportation (from trials of Old Bailey, no 111 on 12 January 1814).

The jury found the watch valued at 39s (therefore under the 40s value that gave rise to death penalty), although the owner claimed it to be worth 3l.

Born at Islington. Servant. Was said to be aged 20 in 1815.

June 1815 - disembarked and forwarded to be employed at Parramatta Female Factory.
* NOTE she was not listed with any child on arrival per log of ship surgeon Joseph Arnold

1816 Registration of baptism of John “BERRIDGE”. Mother not listed. ALso listed registration of baptis of John “HANHAM” 1816.
1825 Muster - John “Burridge” listed as aged 10, son of Ann “Burridge”
1817 Nov 3rd - Permission to marry. Listed as “Hannah” and Burridge.
1817, 29th December At St Johns Parramatta: Ann Berridge aged 22 to John HANHAM, aged 43, per “Admiral Gambier”. Witnesses:  John Carter and Ann Clarke. Probably Ann Clarke per Broxbournery 1813 who was tried at Old bailey in December 1812, and was in Newgate the whole period that Ann Berridge was there., prob then aged 26 in 1817, still unmarried).

1825 - Recorded as wife of John Hanham

1828 ??

1832, July - Sent to the Factory
Sydney Herald dated 2 Aug 1832:
“Ann Burridge, with a taste for ornamental drapery, a parachout for a coverlid to her conch, and a very prettygutteral twist in her throat, was charged with being drunk and insolent. It appeared the master and mistress had occasion to goout the previous day, and during their absence, Ann had been employing herself in making up a cap. As the ribbon rose tier above tier on the top, Ann’s spirits became exceedingly elevated, and in the openness of her simplicity, she sent for some comfort, with which she brought herself to a very pretty pitch. On the arrival of her master, who on expostulating with her, was answered, ” Oh, my good man, keep your breath to cool your porridge, send me to the factory, do now, there’s a good chop.” This was too much for the master to submit quietly to, and he gave her an evening ablution in the shape of the contents of a bucket of water. In consequence of this ducking, the Bench only forwarded Ann to the 1st class.”

Nell Murphy on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Marmaduke Abbey:

Marmaduke ABBEY was convicted at Leeds 20 Oct 1841 for stealing a silk handkerchief. Convicted before and said to be living off plunder and had connections of worst description. 7yr transportation sentence. Sent to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) per the ‘Triton’.

Aged 20yrs; labourer; single; can read; Protestant.
Native Place - Eastwell.

Probation Period of 2yrs. Station Gang at Westbury (northern village in Colony).

Denis Pember on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Sarah Dorset:

http://www.oldbaileyonline.org t17871024-73:
SARAH DORSETT and MARY DORSETT were indicted for stealing, on the 4th of October , one man’s cloth coat, value 20 s. the property of Andrew Davidson .
On the 4th of October between three and four in the afternoon, my coat was hanging in the parlour; the prisoners came in to eat their dinner, and called for a pint of beer; I went out for about half an hour; when I came back, I saw the coat was gone.
These girls came in and called for a pint of beer; I left them in the parlour; they paid for the beer and was going out; I missed the coat, and stopped them at the door, and saw the coat under Sarah’s cloak; the other was at the parlour door; she said, it was her husband’s.
I am servant to Mr. Davidson; I saw them come in between three and four, and saw the coat under Sarah’s arm.
I was in the house and had a pint of beer; the coat fell from the settle on my arm, and the gentlewoman had me taken up.
I know nothing of the matter.
Transported for seven years .
Tried by the London Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

Robin Sharkey on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Mary Bell:

Mary Bell aged 19 was transported for 7 years on “Northampton’ for stealing some fabric and a dress from her employer. Tried at Th e Old Bailey on 20th April 1814.

“386. MARY BELL was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 28th of February , two gowns, value 4 s. and seven yards and a half of cambric, value 19 s. 6 d. the property of Joseph Bloodgood Hough .

“ISABELLA HOUGH. My husband’s name is Joseph Bloodgood Hough ; he is a captain . I live in Wellclose-square.  The prisoner was my servant. I did not miss the articles until the prisoner was gone a week. The prisoner left me on the 10th of February; she went away before I was up in the morning, and took her box away. Some few days after she left me I missed the cambric. I did not miss any thing else until after she was taken in custody; I opened her box; I found in it a gown belonging to my daughter.
“JOHN GRIFFITHS : On the 13th of April, I, in company with Hall, a fellow officer, and the prosecutrix, went to the prisoner’s lodgings, No. 5, Anthony-street, St. George’s; my fellow officer saw her in the yard and brought her up stairs; she had then a gown of Mrs. Hough’s on her back; Hall took it off. I unlocked her box, and found this gown in it, and the duplicate of the cambric pledged at Mr. Castle’s, Shadwell.

“JOHN AYRETON. I live with Mr. Castle, pawnbroker. I produce a piece of cambric; the prisoner pawned it on the 28th of February; I lent her ten shillings on it.
JOHN HALL. I found the prisoner in the yard, and on her back was this gown. When I brought her up stairs, the prosecutrix owned it to be her property.
Prosecutrix. One gown and the cambric is my property, and the other gown is my daughter’s.

“Prisoner’s Defence. The key was in my box; whether it was put in by mistake I do not know.
GUILTY, aged 19.
Transported for Seven Years .
First Middlesex jury, before Mr. Recorder.”

Denis Pember on 22nd October, 2016 wrote of Mary Warren:

Mary Warren was sentenced to 7 years transportation at the 25th March 1788, Warwick Assizes. She and Elizabeth Dean had stolen linen.
She was sent to London and embarked on the “Lady Juliana”. Her age was stated to be 18.

Mary had a child, by the First Fleet seaman, Samuel Braiden.  The child was was baptied Samuel Braiden on 25th October 1791. His father Samuel was a crewman on HMS “Supply” and left for England the following month.
Young Samuel died February 1792.
Mary Warren then had a liaison with the First Fleet marine, Peter Dargin. Her daughter to him, was born 1793 and baptised; Mary Ann Dargin at Sydney, August 1793. However, in May 1796 Dargin sailed to join the Corps at Norfolk Island.
Soon thereafter, Mary Warren married Isaac Nichols (Third Fleet Convict, 1791, “Admiral Barrington”.  The couple married 11th September 1796.  Nichols became a prominent emancipist publican and businessman.
Mary warren is recorded in the 1806 Muster:
[Ref AC101 page 28] Lady Juliana, Mary Waqrren, TL/418 with I Nicholls.
Mary died October 1804, buried 22nd October at St Phillips, Sydney.

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